Architecture and Design Lab

Mafemasa is a Mexican company specialized in the management of claw prize machines, scales, and kiddie rides. When they decided to renovate and expand their corporate headquarters, Space Arquitectura was asked to ensure the interior architecture reflected Mafemasa’s and parent company Alvaco’s values. Cobalto Estudio was invited to collaborate in various interior applications, including signage & wayfinding, industrial design applications like custom lighting fixtures, mobile and static whiteboards, frosted glass graphics, and a monumental teddy bear sculpture in the interior yard of the office space.

Client: Alvaco - Mafemasa
Location: Mexico City
Interior Architecture: Space Arquitectura
Graphics, wayfinding, custom furniture, and art installation design: Cobalto Estudio
Printed materials fabriacation: Design Lab
Industrial design applications fabrication: Modelab 3D - Manuel Serranía

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