Lindt - Mexico City
For Lindt's corporate offices in Mexico City, designed by spAce Arquitectura, we were asked to collaborate in the creation of all interior graphics, ranging from the main 3D logo in the lobby area to all glass graphics.

Taking inspiration from Lindt's tradition in chocolate manufacturing, we created graphics that reflected the company's commitment to quality, attention to detail, and refinement.
Lindt's corporate logo rendered in brass in the lobby area.
Lindt's credo is also part of the lobby, showing visitors and reminding employees of the brand's values.
Corporate imagery was printed in high resolution.
Lindt's commitment to quality is portrayed throughout the office with the use of photography.
A custom pattern inspired by Swiss lace was created for all glazing, and emblazoned with Lindt's signature brand and dragon.
A high-privacy version of the graphic was created by inverting the pattern.
Interior architecture: spAce Arquitectura
Interior graphics and signage: Cobalto Estudio
Fabrication: Generaccion
Photography: Cobalto Estudio
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