Alvaco Enterprises - Showroom
Alvaco Enterprises tasked Cobalto with the creation of a room where they could store, organize, and show all the products they carry in their various claw machines. This required the development of a shelving system that provided flexibility to showcase a wide range of sizes and weights of products while retaining a warm and sophisticated aesthetic. In addition, part of the challege was the maximization of the available space. To accomplish the number of shelves needed for all the products, we developed a lightweight mezzanine that could be prefabricated and simply installed on-site. The centerpiece of the showroom is a custom-designed three-piece light fixture that takes inspiration from the company's claw machines at a grand scale.
Interior Architecture: Cobalto Estudio
Furniture design & development: Cobalto Estudio
Fabrication and structural consultation: Construcción Patente
Photography: Cobalto Estudio
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